Estate Sales

Ancient City Estate Sales can provide the assistance you need to downsize your household or liquidate an entire estate.

Every home is as unique as the homeowner who owns it, and we realize your circumstances and needs require individual attention. An estate sale typically includes the preparation of items for sale — researching value and pricing, staging the home for ease of viewing, security precautions, advertising, sales staffing, and final disposition of unsold items.


The first step in your decision to use Ancient City Estate Sales should include being knowledgable of the process and costs involved. ACES offers a no-charge consultation at the home site to review your needs and offer guidance in conducting an estate sale.

All estate sales are conducted by commission, ensuring we work diligently to obtain the highest possible price for your items. The size of the estate is a factor in the amount of time needed for sale preparation and conducting the sale.

Contract Terms

All estate sales are conducted with a written contract between Ancient City Estate Sales and the homeowner. We want to ensure you that safeguarding your home and possessions is our foremost priority and specific terms/guidelines for the estate sale will be specified in the contract.

Large estate sales typically require several days of preparation, and 2 to 3 days of conducting the sale.